XBOX – Halo

Jon Shaikh & Scott Rawsthorne 

MPH produced an emotive piece of live action content to support Xbox’s upcoming release of Halo : The Master Chief collection. The widely acclaimed Halo series has been the landmark game for Xbox for the past decade, and we were tasked with producing a short film to that spoke directly to and connected with this huge fan base.

With heartfelt testimonials from loyal Halo gamers, we were able to capture an engaging, compelling and thrilling account of what it feels like to be immersed in the Halo world. The result was a personal and honest film, which reflects the collective voice of the Halo community.

Directors: Jon Shaikh & Scott Rawsthorne  (A.K.A Diamond Bullet)
Producer: Mark Downes
DP: Tim Sidell
Client: Edelman