No Man‘s Land’ – Joss Stone Ft. Jeff Beck

Rupert Bryan

Motion Picture House created the latest official promo for the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal, featuring Joss Stone. The song entitled ‘No Man’s Land’ brings together the musical talents of Stone alongside rock guitarist, Jeff Beck.

The lyrics reflect the highly emotive yet celebratory nature of the Poppy Appeal event at the Tower of London. Telling us the story of the fallen heroes of World War 1, the song also honors those brave individuals that have since lost their lives at war.

Director Rupert Bryan was engaged to bring the song alive against the backdrop of the Tower, whilst shooting some beautiful vignettes to intersperse within the film. It involved a production team of 30 dedicated members all arriving long before the public, to capture the spirit of the event, whilst filming Stone’s heart felt performance.

Director: Rupert Bryan
Producer: Rupert Bryan & Louisa Edwards
DP: Matt Beecroft
Client: Royal British Legion