Keltbray are the largest provider of specialist contractor solutions in the UK. We were asked not only to create Keltbray’s new corporate hero film, but also to solve a challenge:

How could they bring together the wide-ranging disciplines of the Keltbray family into a cohesive narrative that appealed to clients, employees and new talent alike?

Directed and Produced by ​Rupert Bryan​
Co-produced by ​Louisa Edwards
Sound Design & Mixing by Red Light Studios


To solve this challenge, we sat down with their leadership team to turn the complexity of their business into a unified vision. Very quickly, we determined that Keltbray are leading the transformation of Britain’s built environment. Conveying this required three elements: energy, diversity and scale.


Our team immediately traversed the nation, filming over 5 days and nights on the front line of construction works among some of Britain’s most iconic sights to harness Keltbray in motion. We also utilised aerial photography and time-lapses to capture the enormity of Keltbray’s projects and their subsequent progress. But we couldn’t focus solely on machinery – we needed to represent the human aspect of Keltbray, and so used 4K cameras such as the Canon EOS C300 Mark II, Sony Alpha a7S Mark II, OSMO, Mavic Pro Drone & the GoPro HERO5; to portray them at the highest resolution.


Then, to demonstrate Keltbray’s end-to-end delivery, our editing team designed transitions that utilised masking and rotoscoping techniques so that the film could flow from different environments in the same way Keltbray’s business divisions join together.

Finally, to reinforce Keltbray’s mantra of “We Own It”, we implemented visual effects in the form of coloured lines that dynamically moved across the shots. By matching the colours of the Keltbray logo, our objective was to emphasise the influence Keltbray has in the world of construction, demolition, electrification and so forth. We’re proud of the results and the next stage is the creation of social media cut-downs that drive traffic to the film across various digital channels.