Dance Hoff

Darren Statman

MPH were engaged by award-winning PR agency Taylor Herring to create an engaging and entertaining viral spot for SONY Playstation’s new game, DanceStar Party. It featured none other than the legendary David Hasselhoff.

Why Dance Off when you can Dance Hoff? The vision for the feel-good concept for the viral came to life in the hands of MPH regulars Paul King and Danny Bishop. This was following intensive casting sessions to recruit the right mix of dancers and ‘family’ to ensure a broad appeal. The film was shot in one day on the RED EPIC at Spring Studios in Kentish Town,

MPH delivered multiple edits of the viral, each one tailored to a different global market. The proof of a job well done. A delighted client who gifted MPH HQ with a brand spanking new Playstation, complete with a slew of games. Nice!

Director: Darren Statman
Producer: Mark Downes
DP: Paul King
Client: Taylor Herring