Audible – ‘River of Pain’

We’ve always been massive fans of the ALIEN franchise so were giddy at the prospect of creating a spot for the new ALIEN audio-book RIVER OF PAIN available exclusively on AUDIBLE.

The film has been made using footage from the emmy winning David Barlow archive.

With picture locked, MPHFILM engaged Lumiere who are an animation design and production company with a heritage in particle and fluid simulation.

The overall effect was to create a visceral environment that twists and turns through the veins of an unknown entity with ever heightening tension. At once revolting, yet familiar, the mix of archive footage and carefully crafted CGI are designed to rattle the nerves of even the hardest sci-fi fan.

Available to view online but check it out in cinemas nationwide from 18th May at screenings of Alien: Covenant. Cranked to 11 and 40 feet high.

Director & Producer: Mark Downes
Editor: Kelvin Hutchins
VFX: Lumiere
Client: Fold7