In this playful and vibrant music video, Allegra portrays a life of not conforming to social and online pressures. Everyone else is caught up in fake worlds and online drama, whilst Allegra is present and engaging with the ‘now’. Directed by Rupert Bryan of MPH Films, ‘Do What I Want’ highlights the pressures young people often face today and how to channel Allegra’s confidence and be who you want to be. 

The DOP is Aaron Green, a young and successful cinematographer who ensured the shoot was bold, bright, and colourful. Everything was shot on the Alexa Amera to give the right look.

Anna Kezia Williams is a freelance London based Art Director. Anna helped bring social media to life in this music video by successfully using strong colour combinations, playful props and shapes and exciting textures. Anna loved working with such a talented and energetic team.



What was your approach to the video?

From day one it was clear that the video had to be vibrant and youthful. My approach was to use strong colour combinations, playful props and shapes, and exciting textures to inject that fun into every scene!

What did you enjoy about this shoot?

I really loved working with such an involved and talented team, and how fun and energetic the single (and therefore the project) was, as well as filming in such an amazing location.

Zoe Graham is the Stylist on the shoot. She has over 6 years experience working with top clients.

“Most of all the styling needed to be fun and playful With lots of colour! I wanted Allegra to feel confident and sexy. Everyone on the crew, Allegra and her team were so wonderful to work with, making it a collaborative and fun project to work on” 

Beth McKendrick is the MUA on shoot, a freelance international hair and makeup artist who has worked for many top clients. Beth managed to create multiple fun and on-trend looks.  Beth loved the fast pace of this shoot, as she was kept on her toes. She was trusted with full creative freedom and did not disappoint!

Beth says:

“My approach was to create fun and on-trend looks whilst all being totally different from each other. This was a challenge as I had little time for hair and makeup changes – not just on Allegra but the supporting artists too. To do this I created contrasting looks that not only allowed me to have quick changes but were also cohesive to each set up.

I enjoyed a lot of things about the shoot! For starters, the fast pace of it all. A lot of the times on music videos you can be sat around, so it was nice to be kept on my toes (in both senses of the word). I also appreciated the trust in my creative ability with each look – I feel being given full creative freedom is one of the best parts of my job. Finally, I enjoyed the company of everyone on set. Since the pandemic most of my jobs have been downsized, so it was great to be back on a set like this with such a fantastic team. 




Through the use of oversized props representing different social media icons, Allegra tells the story from her chair of how she moves through life confidently, choosing to do her own thing. 


Walking away from the props and the animated social media lines, Allegra takes her own path, not wanting to follow everyone else, with only her happiness in mind.


Allegra makes a point of ‘things aren’t what they seem’ when she takes a selfie-obssessed influencer’s phone and shows it is all an illusion as the phone is a miniature toy.


Moving through to a wardrobe filled with clothes, stylists and influencers, Allegra chooses to wear what she likes. Rupert uses camera trickery again to show that life isn’t always as it seems from an Instagram photo of shoes, one of which is small enough for a Barbie.



Instagramming a photo of cream tea with friends? Not for Allegra, as she climbs onto the table and eats an ice cream sundae, regardless of everyone rating her badly on social media.


Walking through to the next scene, Allegra doesn’t conform to the newest social media trend and plays up to the camera to make her own dance moves for a TikTok video.


To add to the vibrant, playful feel to the video, Allegra shows off her beauty in a bath of glitter, singing about how she is over pretending to be someone else.


Even twitter doesn’t get past Allegra when she eats the cucumber off a skin care influencer’s face, steals the spray tan and sprays away the animated twitter birds that represent tweets and gossip.


Through combining Allegra’s playful attitude, visual effects, and a hard working team, ‘Do What I Want’ portrays a bold, beautiful and confident young woman living how she wants and not getting lost in social media.