This year MPH were asked by King Campbell & Friends to create for Funding Circle and their latest campaign. We were given the task of travelling around the country to meet some of the small businesses using Funding Circle, and have ourselves a little adventure along the way.

did somebody say coffee?

It was early, the sun was still rising and we only had one morning person in our crew. But then our morning person said the magic words “Does anyone fancy a coffee?”. Like being struck by lightning, the crew bolted into the van when we found out our first stop was Perky Blenders, one of Funding Circle’s coffee bar clients.

Walking into a breeze of exotic coffee, we felt instantly energised and ready to capture the magic. After being shown a tutorial on how to brew a perfect coffee, we were able to get a better understanding on what to film of this intricate process. Turns out if you have 3 cups of their special blend, you end up filming all your shots in half the time!

sausage roll? I’ll take 10

After experiencing a potential overdose in caffeine and burning off all our energy, it was safe to say we were feeling rather peckish! This motivated us to get to our next stop- Arapina Bakery! Greeted by sweets, treats and different meats, we were definitely feeling very spoilt on our MPH tour!

In order to figure out what we wanted to capture, we decided the best plan would be to try every baked good they had to offer. We learnt that to film baked goods, you had to become baked goods.

Everybody‘s gone surfin’ surfin’ brighton way

Feeling a tad bloated, our next stop involved everyone’s worst nightmare after a full stomach… PHYSICAL EXERCISE. We headed for the pier where we visited The Kite, Surf & SUP Co. and got ready to take part in some kite surfing, in order to capture the live action. We squeezed into our wetsuits, strapped on a GoPro and prepared our drone for take off.

With a combination of crew on dry land and in the sea, we were able to capture the art of kitesurfing!


Are you saying yes to the dress?

Physically exhausted, we decided it was time for a change of pace! We consulted our tour list of stops and decided the best place to head to next was Bellissima Weddings! Walking into Bellissima was like walking into Narnia, we were surrounded by a sea of white and sparkles. We observed the way they worked, taking in their compassion and meticulous care. We knew we had to step our game up and step onto their level of eye for detail, in order to cinematize the beauty and intricacy that goes into their work. After watching them under a microscope, filming every last detail, we were feeling very confident that we could start running consultations for Brides To Be. Luckily for Laura the owner, we had to shoot off to get to our next stop, and were unable to test out our new consultation skills.

ezy ryder

Riding down the highway on our way to our second to last stop, we were in the mood for some fast two-wheeler fun, and there was no better place to go to than P&H Motorcycles! We were greeted with a walkthrough around the store, feeling like young children again wanting to touch everything! When looking around the store from a filming perspective, we knew we would have to make the edit for this shoot flashy, fast and fun! We each picked out our favourite bike we wanted to put in the content, and even got to take some out for a test drive! We were able to achieve a perfect balance of a fast paced editing and still be able to show of the flashy details of the bikes.


We were finally on to our last stop of the day and obviously we saved the best for last! We wish we had filmed the moment the crew arrived at Redemption Brewing, as they would have definitely qualified in the Time Trials for the Olympics the way they sprinted to the entrance! Before we pulled out our pint glasses, it was really important that we understood the process of creating hand crafted beers. Our goal was to capture the key elements of the process of this art form, as it was really important to the business owners that their customers could see how much dedication and hard work they put into their product, as well as the uplifting atmosphere they work in. By the end of filming, we pulled out our pint glasses and treated ourselves to a hand crafter beer… or two…

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