What happens when your dream brand becomes your client?

It doesn’t get much better than being asked to work with one of our all-time favourite brands – Canon. So when we got that call from Tangerine Films … well, you can guess the rest.

We were suddenly making films with the people who make the tools that we use everyday! We were doing more backflips than Tim Peake.

Watch Here

We spent a few days with renowned sports photographer Eddie Keogh at the Olympic Velodrome putting him and Canon’s latest model the OS-1D X Mark II through its paces. Creating a product film showcasing OS-1D X Mark II astonishing new features and another film highlighting what it takes to become a great sports photographer.

Shot on Canons c300 Mark II by MPH stalwart Chris Petcher and cut in house by Kelvin Hutchins & Simon Richardson, the films have been localised into 27 different languages as Canon’s launch yet another amazing camera in this Olympic year.

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The MPH team